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Welcoming Freshmen : Power and Popular Culture of Memelike Edit

With the announcement of the college entrance selection (SBMPTN or Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) on Monday, June 14, 2021, Universitas Indonesia published a welcome greetings post to new students on its social media. This post got a lot of comments, both on Instagram and Twitter. The comments talked about how unique the design of the post is. The design consists of eight Universitas Indonesia’ students and is decorated with clouds. People scoff at this design because it doesn't seem like it was designed with intent. Others sneer because the design is like a sinetron, Indonesian soap opera. Someone even redesigned the poster. Therefore, this post went viral and spread everywhere, becoming a trending topic on twitter or a headline news on various news platforms.

According to Amelita Lusia as head of public relations and KIP UI, the poster design was already planned. The poster making team has conducted research aimed at getting the uploaded posters to get a lot of public attention by making the graphic elements similar to the poster designs from soap operas. This method has proven to be able to attract public attention which can be seen from the many responses from various parties through the comments column on University of Indonesia social media and even went viral on Twitter with the tagline “Sekelas UI”. Actually, the University of Indonesia design team already has a poster template, but the template was deemed too monotonous and in the end it was changed and adapted to the character of current students who like anti-mainstream poster designs.

Although the post got a lot of negative comments, some netizens found it amusing and responded positively. Some comments said that the designer had planned it deliberately to get the public's attention. Some others find it funny and unique. They even said the marketing team and the designer did a great job by intentionally planning the design to be out of the box and different from others.

At the end, the marketing strategy worked as it planned. Despite getting various negative comments at first, but later the design became a trend. Various companies, including government agencies and other universities use this design template for their marketing purposes in various platforms.

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