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Gojek is a digital technology-based company engaged in the transportation sector. Gojek was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim and Kevin Aluwi. Gojek was founded to help with transportation in Indonesia by providing an application to call motorbike and car drivers. In addition to providing a means of calling drivers, Gojek also provides 20 other services for customers. Until now, Gojek has developed into one of the Unicorn companies in Asia because it has been able to provide a lot of impact both within the country and abroad.

Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company whose mission is to achieve economic equality with digital. Tokopedia was founded in 2009 which was pioneered by William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Aloha Edison. In accordance with its mission, Tokopedia has succeeded in reaching 99% of sub-districts in Indonesia by collaborating with various partners and companies. Until now, Tokopedia has always come up with new innovations to advance the Indonesian economy. In fact, Tokopedia has also succeeded in having an impact of 1% on Indonesia's GDP.

Recently, public was shocked by the news of the merger of the two companies (Gojek and Tokopedia). Both of them have officially joined the GoTo name some time ago. After a long discussion between investors from both sides, the two finally decided to merge the company. With this situation, it is believed that the GoTo company will have a very large valuation value.

The name GoTo is taken from the names of the two previous companies. The value they believe in carrying is Gotong Royong. This value has been embedded in the culture of Indonesian society. As the name implies, GoTo also has a motto called "Go Far Go Together", this mission is taken from the two previous companies. Going forward, GoTo will provide e-commerce, logistics, transportation, and financial services.

Like various other companies who do marketing, the two merged companies have collaborated in their marketing to get consumers. As we have seen on various platforms, there are already various advertisements from Gojek or Tokopedia that show the intimacy of their merger. It can be seen from the Youtube video uploaded by Gojek Indonesia entitled "Iklan Ramadhan Gojek 2021 Mengandung Bawang", there is an appearance from Tokopedia in their advertisement. There are two scenes where there is a Tokopedia’s mascot riding a Gojek driver and many Tokopedia mascots walking with a Gojek driver. There are also advertisements showing news of the merger of the two companies uploaded by Gojek Indonesia's Youtube account entitled "GoTo - Go Far, Go Together (Kolaborasi Gojek & Tokopedia)" and the Tokopedia Youtube account entitled "Gojek and Tokopedia introduce GoTo".

In addition to advertising on various platforms, the two merged companies still use brand ambassadors from KPOP idols such as BTS and Jisoo Blackpink. It can be seen that there is still a trend of using brand ambassadors from KPOP idols for e-commerce companies. Then, there is also the provision of inter-application promos carried out by Gojek for Tokopedia. The promo is in the form of free shipping for shopping at Tokopedia using the Gojek feature, namely GoSend. They also use several hashtags in their marketing, namely #KolaborasiAnakBangsa and #BersatuUntukKamu. This hashtag is intended to show that the GoTo merger is the result of the nation and takes advantage of the high sense of nationalism of Indonesian citizens.

With this, Tokopedia and Gojek have spread their wings to compete in the Asian arena as one of the largest ecosystems. Various forms of marketing have also been promoted. These two companies just need to continue to carry out various existing marketing techniques until they reach number one in Indonesia and even Asia.

Source: CNBC Indonesia

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