TikTok, the New Go-To Platform for Music Industry’s Marketing

TikTok is one of the essential tools for artists and record labels to promote their music. Not only new releases, TikTok can introduce people to music that has been around for decades. We can’t deny that the rise of songs on TikTok is not a coincidence. Marketers usually hire creators or TikTok influencers to help a song gain it’s fans. Some artists even make their own TikTok dance challenge to boost their monthly listeners.

The music industry’s interest in TikTok is not unfounded. Usually, TikTok’s trendy song could climb the Billboard 100 chart. According to a November study by MRC Data, 67% of the users are more likely to seek the songs on music streaming apps such as Spotify or Apple Music after hearing them on TikTok.That is why TikTok has become a big deal for record labels to promote their new releases song.

While TikTok is hardly five years into its existence, this platform has achieve up to 1 billion active users. That is why TikTok has become the best video-sharing platform. So, how does TikTok change the music industry?

1. Changing Music Listeners Habits

Music listeners usually end up being fans by streaming and checking out a snippet from TikTok. Unlike streaming platforms where algorithms recommend songs based on what you already know, TikTok puts out songs that users have never heard before.

2. Singles Debut Promotion

Usually, new artists had to rely on a music label’s connection and resources to promote their name to the public. Now, they can upload their debut singles on TikTok with just one click and the songs would end up on radio stations. They may see the whole world jamming to their new hits in less than 24 hours.

3. The Power of Social Media

Around 2021, TikTok proved that artists don’t need other social media platforms to set their name in the music industry. They can solely rely on TikTok to promote their new releases and get exposure in other social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to reach audiences. This is due to TikTok’s huge reach and capability to share content to other platforms.

Not only online promotion, TikTok also helps artists with offline promotion. Some artists collaborate with TikTok’s team to host private listening sessions in order to promote a song ahead of its release. For example, Miley Cyrus and her team partnered with TikTok to promote her newest single “Midnight Sky.” They scheduled a private Zoom Meeting with 15 TikTok creators and gave them an early snippet to her song. Other famous artists like Khalid and Demi Lovato also joined a similar strategy to help TikTok creators understand their songs and make them viral on TikTok.

Sources: businessinsider.com, mi.edu

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