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The Success of Kak Jill Sweet Words

Hello Actioners!

Do you know about Kak Jill? which is famous for its slogan “Darling” “Suppa Duppa Tiktok” Etc? She is always friendly to her live audience and followers. Almost all questions asked by the audience on live TikTok must be answered with warmth and friendliness. Behind her entertaining demeanor, this creates an interesting personality and sticks in the minds of many people. As a result, Jill Shane has succeeded in building a positive and cheerful image of herself and course the curtains that she sells.

The following is a strategy that has become a mainstay for Kak Jill, who is the ultimate weapon in increasing sales of her curtains.

  1. Offer Limited Discount

This time-limited discount can speed up transactions and increase sales. Because potential buyers do not have much time to think and compare with other stores. Kak Jill always offers a limited discount to her audiences, and that is a complete success to increase her curtain sales.

2. Appear Interactive

During the broadcast, you can respond and answer audience questions in a responsive, clear, and certainly interesting way. Kak Jill's skill in greeting and responding to the audience's response is what has made her so famous now. Everyone feels that Kak Jill is the person who has positive vibes that make every one like her. So, the audience doesn’t feel bored when watching Kak Jill live.

3. Know the Best Posting Time

Both Instagram and TikTok both have different best posting times. Each account has essentially different insights, depending on the followers' preferences. We know that every social media has its algorithm that is connected to the time, so we must watch out for the best time for posting the content. Because if we post at the wrong time it will make the post not go viral.

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