The Marketing Essentials of K-Pop Agencies

In the last ten years, K-pop has become more popular worldwide. The Korean wave has attracted fans from not only Asia but also Europe and America more than ever. However, this also encourages more K-pop groups to hop into the trend. This makes the competition among K-pop groups more fierce than ever. As a result, some groups become more popular than others. What makes them stand out?

1. A glimpse of K-pop

K-pop or widely known as Korean Pop has been in the center of the spotlight for a while. Not only synchronize choreography, but they also serve catchy music and high-end trendy fashion. Some of the groups even reached the top chart of Billboard such as BLACKPINK, TWICE, BIGBANG, BTS, EXO, PSY, etc. The idols are not only from Korea but also from Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, Canada, and even German. This image indicates how popular K-pop is based on Youtube views:

As we all know, Indonesia is one of the top countries for K-Pop waves. The reasons for K-Pop success in Indonesia are its systematic preparation, performance styles, fanservice on social media, and strong fanbases.

2. K-Pop’s Impact on the Economy

K-Pop plays a big part in South Korea’s economy. The entertainment companies contribute a great number of profits every year and add to the income of South Korea through taxes and tourism. The K-Pop branding is quite strong in this country and overseas tourists come to South Korea to attend concerts and buy merch from their favorite K-Pop idols.

3. Basic Principles of Marketing

Marketing is in every aspect of human life. It manipulates the transaction activity of buying goods and services. According to Kotler, Armstrong, Saunders, and Wong, marketing strategy brings a mix by using mechanisms under its control (4P: product, price, place, and promotion). The experts of marketing have also added Process, Physical Evidence, People, etc. The strategy can be successful if the company plans and deploy objectively from consumers to consumers, not subjectively.

4. The Digital Marketing on Social Media

To build engagement with the fanbase, K-Pop idols build direct engagement with the fans. With today’s technology, online marketing can be utilized easily. More agencies move their business to the digital market to gain efficiency and it is also convenient for everyone from everywhere to access.

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