The Battle Between Two Streaming Platforms: Netflix & Disney+, Which One Is Better?

While Netflix has one of the best TV shows of all time, Stranger Things, Disney+ steals our hearts by adding Star Wars to the platform.

Movie enthusiasts are recently taken aback by the price hike of Netflix, some of you may have already canceled your next month's Netflix plan. Amid price increases and cancellations of everyone’s favorite TV show, Modern Family, Disney+ provides cheap and top-tier content that everyone loves. Both are people’s go-to streaming platforms in their households. But, if you’re thinking about reducing the entertainment budget, we have a guide for you to consider:

  • Netflix

Introduced back in 2007, Netflix is the pioneer of streaming platforms. Since the very beginning, Netflix has already increased its subscription prices and continues to provide a wide range of originals and popular TV shows or movies.

  • Disney+

This family-friendly platform keeps providing everyone’s favorite movies and TV shows. Whether it's the original Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic shows or not. This platform continues to collect users with over 137 million subscribers from all over the world. With only Rp39.000 per month, Disney+ is a steal.

  • Comparison in Pricing

Disney+ wins the price wars competition. The platform provides 4K streaming and IMAX capabilities with an Rp39.000 service package. On the other hand, Netflix is at the top of the streaming platforms' pyramid for its high prices. With Rp54.000 for mobile devices, Rp120.000 for basic service, Rp153.000 for standard service, and Rp186.000 for premium service, it is not suitable for those who are on a budget.

  • Original Series

Unlike Netflix, Disney+ already owns some of the famous franchises in the world, such as Loki and The Mandalorian which are connected to the Star Wars and Marvel universe. There are also some spin-offs from Disney original movies that are exclusive to Disney+ only.

However, Netflix’s originals are worth the attention. Aside from Stranger Things, Netflix has its fresh-original series such as Squid Game, Money Heist, and Tiger Kings. The platform also produces some book adaptations and reboots such as Bridgerton, Lucifer, and Fuller House.

In sum, Disney+ is leading with its nostalgic old and new programs. It is also generous enough to offer subscribers access to Hulu and ESPN as a bundle package. Disney+ also wins in pricing competition compared to Netflix. As for its quantity and quality, Disney+ and Netflix are equal and stand on the same level. So, which one would you choose?

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