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Telkomsel's role in advancing Indonesian MSMEs

According to Law no. 20 of 2008 MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise) are small businesses owned by individuals, households, or business entities with assets and yearly income less than Rp500 million. MSMEs provide a significant contribution to Indonesia's national economic growth. MSMEs contribute 60.5% of domestic product formation, whilst also labor absorption accounts for 96.9% of total national employment.

The pandemic period caused major transformations in the economic system. MSMEs must adapt to facilitate economic activities. Telkomsel sees this circumstance as an opportunity to propel MSMEs forward. As a result, Telkomsel provides many services to support MSMEs to develop their businesses such as 99% Usahaku, Kuncie, DigiPOS Aja!, and Digital Creative Entrepreneurs (DCE).

Those four platforms established by Telkomsel aim to push MSMEs toward extensive digitalization. Telkomsel has succeeded in helping MSMEs to develop their business to adapt this digital era. On records, 67 000 MSMEs have registered to join this program. Moreover, telkomsel has connected 2,800 MSMEs with the top suppliers and fund 997 MSME business operators.

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