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Spotify Wrapped: The Brilliance of Hidden Marketing Campaign

Spotify is the biggest and popular streaming app services in the world. In 2016 spotify released a feature that summarizes what Spotify users have heard over the past year. this feature is called spotify wrapped. Spotify Wrapped from that year became a hit viral marketing technique for Spotify. It’s become one of the most exciting times of the year for Spotify users.

The wrap includes all the songs users have been listening to, in the past year, the genre they were the most into and their most favourite artists along with minutes streamed and other data. It included the top five musicians that users have listened to. Furthermore, it is not just another marketing campaign but a huge viral social media campaign. Spotify, a pioneer in well-developed and assertive methods, shares with users the main insights about their behavior. This often motivates users to share the results on their social networks, so all of their followers can interact in a variety of ways.

Spotify wrapped increases the word of mouth marketing advertising, spreading the brand’s services more among current and future users, without direct investment in advertising. Undoubtedly, this is the best free ad campaigns ever. Spotify Wrapped is a success, not just with its users, but also as a complete marketing strategy of collecting, presenting and sharing data organically and with free advertising.

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