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Spotify Pie Chart: The New Features and How To Use It?

Spotify is one of the most widely used music and podcast service platforms. One of the official features that they have is Spotify Wrapped. This feature lets you know which songs, artists, and genres you have listened to the most during the year that only can be accessed at the end of each year.

The Spotify Wrapped feature is certainly very interesting, but users will feel bored waiting until the end of the year just to be able to access this feature. A college student at the University of California Los Angeles, Darren Huang, developed an unofficial website called Spotify Pie. This website has a similar function to Spotify Wrapped but the difference is that it can be updated every month.

Darren Huang said the site was visited by 514,000 users in two days. If you are curious to know your own Spotify Pie it is not difficult, the steps to take are:

  1. Go to website,

  2. Connect with your Spotify account,

  3. Allow the website to access your data,

  4. Then yeah you can see your song genre pie and a list of the most frequently accessed artists!

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