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Price of Fuel Increases, Is There Any Solution?

The governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil appealed to the public to start using electric vehicles following the government’s policy of increasing the price of fuel. The use of electric vehicles is believed to reduce the impact of the uncertain world energy situation.

The governor, who is familiarly called Kang Emil, admitted that he would continue to campaign for electricity so that people no longer depend on fuel. "The governor always uses electric cars, that's also part of the campaign and one day we won't be so dependent on fossil fuels," he said. Furthermore, Kang Emil said, following the increase in fuel prices, he faced the possibility of inflation. The reason is, the increase in fuel prices will trigger an increase in the price of basic needs. "Every increase in fuel prices will increase inflation. We must be careful because of the increase in all economic factors related to the transportation component. Prices of goods can also rise," he said.

Kang Emil hopes that the public will also be wise in responding to the increase in fuel prices. The reason is that the subsidies issued by the government for fuel oil are too large. Kang Emil hopes that PT Pertamina can supervise the purchase of fuel by the public, so that the distribution of subsidized fuel that is not on target does not happen again.

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