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Permata Bank Provides Financial Literacy to Children in Sleman through PermataHati

Permata Bank, as a company engaged in the banking sector in Indonesia, through PermataHati CSR is again helping to improve the education of the Indonesian people through a program called Cerita (Cinta dan Edukasi dari Kita) which has been held continuously since 2016.

This education was held in Yogyakarta at SD BOPKRI Sidomulyo 1, Sleman. School children are given education about financial literacy from an early age. Quoting from the president director of Permata Bank, Meliza M. Rusli, financial literacy education for early childhood is very important as a provision for a better future. Based on data from the 2019 National Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey (SNLIK) shows a financial literacy index of 38.03%. In 2021, OJK is highly committed to encouraging an increase in the national financial literacy and inclusion index, with good financial literacy it can encourage Indonesia's economic growth in the future.

Hence, Permata Bank has started helping between all generations. In fact, Permata Mobile Banking is now able to create a special account for children called PermataBintang. "So it is indeed part of us to provide education that these children can already have savings from an early age and they can do it digitally too," said Meliza, Friday (28/10/2022). This year, marking the 20th anniversary of Permata Bank, as well as efforts to develop the national economy, Cerita are being held simultaneously in 50 cities in Indonesia.

Meliza revealed, the current generation's children are very fast in adopting digital technology developments. For this reason, through this program, children are given the knowledge that saving can now be done through a digital platform.

Meanwhile, the head of SD BOPKRI Sidomulyo 1, Yohana Siyam hopes that the financial literacy education program can increase the insight and knowledge of their students. What's more, the program was accompanied by books and improvements to school infrastructure so that children could be more comfortable going to school.

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