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PeduliLindungi: An App to Track The Spread Of Coronavirus

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been trying to improve their health system. One of the result is PeduliLindungi application. This app is used to improve citizens health protection by tracking their location at public places such as restaurant, mall, and airport. Until now, our government is still developing the application so that everyone could use it.

The Health Ministry's Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Setiadji, said that the users of PeduliLindungi app has been rising significantly. This happens because it is necessary to check in with this app to gain access in public places. He also said that there are more than 9 million activities in PeduliLindungi application each day. Until now (October 17, 2021) There are more than 60 million users and more than 70 million QR code screening through this app. He added that approximately, PeduliLindungi's QR codes had been installed in over 30.000 public places throughout Java and Bali, with Kalimantan and Sumatra to follow.

Until now, the Health Ministry has been receiving lots of feedback for PeduliLindungi app development. Due to the high demand, PeduliLindungi planned to expand its range to others digital platforms such as Go-Jek, Traveloka, etc.

Other than that, the government will also add new features. One example of the new feature is the adaptation of Tawakal application for haj and umrah. This feature is planned to display traveler's immigration status, e-visas, and insurance. This could also be useful for screening and anticipating foreign tourists entering Indonesia.

The government realizes that not everyone has a smartphone. Therefore, they would also provide a microsite so that they still could conduct screening test for every citizen's health status

"We can see that people with no smartphones must undergo some identity check in some public places, like airports, schools or before entering trains, as well as for workers entering offices. We need to check their identity card numbers to monitor their health status,” he said.


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