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Moment of Independence Becomes a Big Event for Brand Promotion

Hello Actioners! Surely you are already familiar with the independence of the Republic of Indonesia? This year Indonesia is 77 years old since its independence. This Independence is not only an arena for the Indonesian people's sense of nationalism. However, many brands are also used to promote their products.

On Indonesia's independence day, many brands take advantage of the moment to attract customers to generate more sales. The celebration of the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day is indeed one of the things that people look forward to the most. Their enthusiasm is huge at this moment. Therefore, it can be a good opportunity for brands to get their customers closer to them. Not only aims to increase business revenue, but also can create a better brand image in the eyes of customers. One of them is with a marketing campaign.

This marketing campaign is usually used to carry out several strategic activities to promote products, services, or the brand as a whole. In the framework of August 17th, a marketing campaign is very suitable to be carried out. Moreover, August 17 is designated as a national holiday, where which has the potential to provide product discounts if consumers visit the offline store directly. Such as Buy 1 Get 1, 17% discount, the discount only on the 17th, and so on. In addition, this marketing campaign can also be applied to online-based services. Such as free shipping costs of IDR 17,000, flash sales for 17 hours, and so on.

Furthermore, the marketing campaign on Independence Day also had a positive impact on the brand's image in the eyes of the public. Where this will increase consumer loyalty. Because the brand is sensitive to the day that is considered sacred for consumers and participates in enlivening it with several promos.


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