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McDonald's x BTS : The Phenomenon of McDonald's Long Queues & Food Wraps Reselling

McDonald's just launched its collaboration with The famous Kpop Group BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys), The BTS meal, on 9th June 2021 in Indonesia after they announced their collaboration on 19th April 2021. The limited BTS meal includes french fries, 9 pcs of McNuggets, medium cola, with cajun and sweet chili sauce that BTS members picked for their overseas fans.

The collaboration successfully attracted the public's attention. On day one when it was first being released, we could witness the enthusiasm of the public getting The BTS Meal in several Mcdonald’s outlets. McDonald’s sold the BTS Meal at around Rp.50,000.00 price point. The packaging and cups are decorated with the BTS logos that come in purple color. Many BTS fans keep the packaging and cups for memorabilia. Due to high demand and limited items, some people sell their packaging and cups of The BTS Meal on e-commerce at higher prices.

Many people buy their BTS Meal through delivery service, causing drivers had to queue and wait for a long time to get their customer's order. To thank the drivers, ARMY, or the fans of BTS raise funds through a fundraising platform.

McDonald's didn’t hesitate to disburse a lot of money to form a partnership with BTS since it is certain that it will bring them a huge success. According to a report from The Korea Times, McDonald's advertising partnership in South Korea had to spend about 3 billion won, or 38.34 billion rupiahs to 5 billion won, or about 63.9 billion rupiahs. It is estimated that BTS will get around 10 billion won or about 127.8 billion rupiahs from the sale of food packages of the BTS Meal.

According to this phenomenon, Yuswohady, a marketing expert said McDonald's uses a horizontal marketing system that allows customers to spread information and enthusiasm by word of mouth. Yuswohady explained the best product marketing is through the hands of consumers to promote products in the market. This is what happened, Army (BTS fans) talked about the new McDonald's menu and uploaded it on social media causing this to go viral. This horizontal marketing approach is considered more effective than the vertical approach because of the mass power that is customer to customer.

Source : Okezone, IDX, Kompas

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