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Jak Lingko And Mikrotrans: Don’t Say It Wrong

Hayoo!! Who still likes to misinterpret Jak Lingko and Mikrotrans? Do you know that these two are definitely different?

Jak Lingko is an integrated public transportation system in DKI Jakarta in terms of routes, management, and payments initiated by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and involves starting from small buses, medium buses to large buses, even the rail-based transportation. President Director of PT Jak Lingko Indonesia, Muhammad Kamaluddin, targets the Jak Lingko intermodal application to be available for download starting in January 2022. The benefits of the JakLingko Indonesia integration system are the convenience of intermodal travel in Jabodetabek, from home to work, schools, shopping places that are easily connected, an effective intermodal combination and the most economical recommendations. The application also can be used as the payment.

Mikrotrans is a mode of public transportation in DKI Jakarta with the category of road-based small buses that function as feeders for Transjakarta buses and other public transportation. The users of Mikrotrans can use Jak Lingko as the payment method.

Now, you know what’s the difference between Jak Lingko and Mikrotrans. When you want to take a ride, you can say “Let’s take the Mikrotrans”, don’t say “let’s take Jak Lingko”.

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