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As per usual, it was the time of the year when the new generation Apple products were being released as well as the new version of its famous operating system, iOS 15. iOS 15 is the fifteenth and current major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone and iPod Touch products. It was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7, 2021, as the successor to iOS 14, and was released to the public on September 20, 2021. In this update, Apple responds to today's era where we, as highly active internet users, are very vulnerable to being exposed to cyber crimes, especially the theft of personal data. Therefore, in the iOS 15 update, the iPhone maker has patched 22 security vulnerabilities.

This update is a good move that greatly benefits consumers, but not for marketers. Protection and security features such as Hide My Email and Private relay will make opt-ins more valuable and may complicate already strained efforts to reach target users on iPhones. Apple caused a stir among marketers and ad agencies with a software update that will give customers more control over their personal data. This forced marketers to develop a new way to continue to implement their key strategy, namely direct-to-customer (DTC) which collects first-party data from approved customers.

Another feature of the new iOS update is Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). MPP can be enabled in the Mail app from any Apple device, and once a user enables it, this will prevent marketers from sending pixels via email that can be used to gain more information about their behavior. The pixel blocker will prevent marketers from getting actionable data that they can use to optimize and create segmentation strategies and re-engagement campaigns. And lastly, iCloud+ will come with an additional 'Private Relay' feature preventing marketers from tracking Safari users on websites.

This iOS 15 update is a pivot to digital privacy regulations and certainly won't be the last to threaten marketers' strategy. Marketers must keep abreast of news and technology developments as well as innovating. The change of this email marketing strategy should not be a stumbling block and hinder marketers, but marketers must continue to develop content that can be scattered organically and keep looking for new channels and platforms to diversify their strategies.

Source : Marketing Dive

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