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'Ikoy-Ikoyan' Trend : Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Indonesian netizens nowadays must be similar to the phrase ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’ which has become a trend on the internet. This ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’ trend came from an influencer, Arief Muhammad who started to give money and goods to his Instagram followers. They only need to send direct messages to Arief. Then, the chosen lucky followers will be given a ‘gift’ according to what they asked. The phrase ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’ itself is used by Arief from his assistant name, Rizqi Fadhilah which is known as Ikoy. Subsequently, some public figures and influencers have also joined this trend and do their version of ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’.

Marketing expert, who is also a CEO of Markplus Inc, Herman Kartajaya stated that this is a reasonable thing for influencers to do this trend as a form of PSR (Personal Social Responsibility) in this pandemic situation. Influencers are considered as some people that still got big amounts of money until today and it is reasonable to donate their money. This ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’ trend brings so much happiness to anybody who needs financial help, especially during this pandemic. From the influencers’ side, this can be considered as ‘covert marketing’ to increase their followers and build good personal branding. Other influencers often give a condition that the followers must follow certain Instagram accounts, usually their business account first if they want to join their ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’. In this way, their business will get more engagement with new possible customers.

However, some people may see this trend as a bad thing. Some people think that this trend may lead netizens to have a ‘beggar-like’ mentality. This trend seems to be a problem after getting the hype from some other influencers who join this trend. Few netizens started spamming to another influencer by asking forcefully to do the same thing which is giving money for them. Some influencers have spoken up about their viewpoint about this trend after being ‘terrorized’ by netizens, just because they refuse to do ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’. It turns out that some netizens have to guilt-trip other public figures and influencers which makes them feel uncomfortable and annoyed.

The existence of 'Ikoy-ikoyan' as a new trend amidst this pandemic has its own debates. It is a trend where influencers started to give money to people with the main aim of helping which giving a positive impact on society. It also brings us to analyze ‘marketing strategy at the influencers’ side. But, the netizens also have to take note that not all influencers are willing to join the trend and to be wiser about this ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’ trend. So, do you think ‘Ikoy-ikoyan’ is a proper marketing strategy?

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