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How Mencuri Raden Saleh Engaged Its Viewers

Mencuri Raden Saleh, a recently ended movie directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, captured the life of Piko, an art student who’s desperate to pay for his imprisoned father’s legal attorney. With his hacker friend, Ucup, he accepted the offer given by the art curator to replicate Raden Saleh’s painting called “The Arrest of Pangeran Diponegoro”. Both of them started to form a team that consisted of Sarah, Gofar, Tuktuk, and Fella. Each of them is chasing after the money offered in exchange for the committed painting theft.

The movie officially dropped from the screen after two months of showing in cinemas around Indonesia. It has successfully recorded 2.3 million viewers and got 9 nominations at Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) 2022. The heist-themed movie, which successfully stole the attention of Indonesian people, cost more than Rp20 billion to produce. The movie got 8.1/10 rating on IMDb and has been liked by many. Beside the spectacular cinematography, plot twist, and incredible production, how exactly Mencuri Raden Saleh engaged its viewers and even made some of them willing to rewatch more than three times?

The movie itself features young casts who are already familiar from the perspective of the viewers. Their professionalism and acting skill are no longer in doubt as they starred in many movies before. This has succeeded in attracting the Gen Z audience who have great interest in them.

Many promos and discounts on the ticket, such as 50% Discount and Buy 1 Get 1, were given to attract the viewers. Adjusting the culture of the target audience, the movie also gave a special gift to the viewers in the form of exclusive photo cards of each main cast after they watched it in theaters. The exclusive photo cards have many versions, making it more interesting to collect. However, only selected cinemas in Indonesia provided these photocards. Not only photocards, the movie also offered a fan token which could be exchanged with a heist kit, a mystery box that included random gifts. The random gifts could be an official merchandise, custom gold bar 5 gram, or a clue map for Heist Experience that will be held in November 2022.

Exciting events that brought the casts closer with the viewers were held in various cities in Indonesia. Meet and greet with the casts (they called it ‘Kumpul Komplotan’), cinema visits, and even karaoke were also held to add to the excitement of promoting Mencuri Raden Saleh. All of these events gained more viewers and engaged them even more. Last but not least, the approach of its marketing team on social media was done incredibly. Both on Twitter and Instagram, the contents that promoted the movie attract people’s attention effectively.

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