Holywings’s Controversial Marketing: Free booze for ‘Maria’ and ‘Muhammad’?

Have you heard the phrase "never stop flying"? Have you ever had a great night at Holywings? After eight years of having an excellent marketing plan, it failed miserably and resulted in a massive tragedy. Holywings is a casual drink location with bar meals and outdoor seating that is distributed throughout Indonesia.

In a now-deleted post, the Holywings pub promoted free bottles of gin on Thursdays to anyone with the names Muhammad, the name of the Prophet of Islam, and Maria, the name of a popular figure in the Bible. According to police, The blasphemy caused outrage in the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world. Police presented six suspects late on Friday, including the creative director and the leader of Holywings' promotional team, during a live, on-camera press conference.

Holywings' marketing might be classified as controversial marketing. Controversial mark

eting is a method in which a firm actively shocks or offends viewers by violating society and individual morals and values. It has the potential to get people talking and increase sales. However, controversial marketing is fraught with danger. It can harm the brand's reputation and divert attention away from the real goods.

The suspects created the content to draw people to their stores, especially those that were falling short of their sales goals by more than 60%. However, the company stated that the promotion was not disclosed to management. The bar apologized profusely to the general public in a message shared on social media on

Thursday, saying that it had never intended to link religion to its promotion.

Source: www.thejakartapost.com

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