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Good Day: Encourage Creativity by Creating Challenges

These past years, Good Day has often held competitions every year, such as Good Day Gaul Creation, where Good Day invites the young generation of Indonesia to create bottle design with their own ideas and the 4 best designs will be used as Good Day Coffee bottle packaging designs. Good Day also gave gifts as an appreciation of the creative spirit of Indonesia's young generation, starting from 220 million, 250 million, up to 265 million rupiah.

This year, 2021, Good Day is holding a different competition from previous years, namely the Good Day Good Jam TikTok Challenge. Good Day invites the young generation of Indonesia to express their creativity by singing duets with Afgan through the TikTok application. The winner of this Challenge will get gadgets such as iPhone 12 Pro, Vivi Y12i, and an e-wallet voucher worth 200k for the weekly winner.

The competition held by Good Day every year aims to make Indonesia's young generation share positive inspirations, realize creative ideas, and share happiness and messages to Indonesia's young generation so that we are moved to rise and be optimistic towards a better Indonesia.

The competitions that Good Day held show Good Day's concern for their consumers. These competitions were a form of Good Day’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) that is packaged creatively, which is also to contribute to providing a platform for consumers and young creative generations in Indonesia. CSR is a company’s commitment to manage the social, environmental and economic effects of its operations responsibly and in line with public expectations. Simultaneously, this CSR strategy also enriches Good Day's brand equity. The increasing brand equity is an indicator that there is an increase in the productivity of marketing investment and CSR on Good Day. Thus, the reputation of a brand is extremely important to build brand equity, but still this relationship requires a moderator that can influence this relationship positively, and here comes CSR.


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