Four Pillars of Strategy To Drive GoTo’s Ecosystem Integration and Sustainable Business Growth

PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk, widely known as GoTo, becomes the first company to use on-demand, e-commerce, and fintech services in one ecosystem. In their Public Expose that they held on June 10, 2022, in Jakarta, GoTo emphasized how this company implements four main strategies and priorities to keep their sustainable business growth, accelerated steps to gain profit, and deepen their ecosystem synergies.

The Group CEO of GoTo, Andre Sulistyo, stated “This Public Expose is part of GoTo’s commitment to implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in every part of our operational activities. We are pleased to be able to share information about our business performance during our first year of adapting. We also hope the information we convey will be useful for shareholders and communities.”

Furthermore, he explains four areas of synergy that are the main focus of GoTo in developing their business, namely:

1. Cross-Selling Between Platforms

This strategy enables GoTo to gain customers more efficiently. The customers' whole online shopping experience will be easy and convenient while using the entire GoTo ecosystem. Andre gave an example that consumers can choose delivery via Gosend and Pay with Gopay or Goppaylater while buying goods at Tokopedia.

2. Maximizing Hyperlocal Strategy On Logistic and Fulfillment Services

The following strategy is the hyperlocal approach. This approach lets consumers get the goods that suit them the best from the nearest location. Then, the goods are shipped at an affordable cost. This integration of data and operational activities makes Tokopedia’s on-demand delivery order increase from 18 percent to 26 percent.

3. Deep Integration In the Fintech Services Between Platforms

Gopay’s integration into Tokopedia has exceeded the company’s expectations with many products and innovations that the company is about to launch, such as e-wallet. It is hoped that the increase in digital wallet penetration in The Tokopedia and GoTo ecosystems will continue to increase

4. Improving Value-added Services To Provide More Benefits For Drivers and Merchants.

The last strategy is to increase value-added and benefits for merchants and driver partners. GoTo believes that the improvement of services can be developed not only for consumers but also for ecosystem partners such as merchants and drivers.


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