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Facebook Outage: Other Social Media Opportunities

On 4th of October 2021, Facebook, along with Instagram and WhatsApp, experienced some outages that caused the users could not load the page. Many users started to throw some complaints on other social media platforms such as Twitter. The cause of the crash on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook is not entirely clear, there are many assumptions about it. Some digital security specialists believe the issue is caused by a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS), such as Cisco's ThousandEyes internet analytics division.. Meanwhile, John Graham-Cumming, the Chief Technology Officer of Cloudflare, a web infrastructure business, believes the issue was caused by a misconfigured Facebook server. What is obvious is that this crash was not caused by a cyber attack, according to two members of the Facebook security team who did not want to be identified. In most cases, hacking does not affect a large number of apps all at once.

Because many people throughout the world rely on Facebook programs like WhatsApp and Instagram in their daily lives, this inaccuracy has a major impact. Some businesses have seen significant losses. Mark Donnelly, founder of an Irish start-up that runs HUH Clothing, a fashion brand that uses Facebook and Instagram to reach customers, reports that he lost thousands of sales due to Facebook and Instagram errors. Then there’s also Samir Munir, owner of a food delivery service in Delhi, India, who said he was unable to reach clients or fulfill orders because he runs a business through his Facebook page and takes orders via WhatsApp. Following that, If Facebook had no problems, Tipton Hurst, Marketing Director of Shelby Scippio, a floral store that uses Facebook Live to engage with customers and take orders, said they might sell 1,000 pieces.

As a response to this inconvenience, Facebook posted an apology statement on its official Twitter on 5th of October, saying, "To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: we're sorry. We’ve been working hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report they are coming back online now. Thank you for bearing with us."

Meanwhile, Twitter saw an opportunity as the traffic went up during the outages of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Through its official account, Twitter posted a tweet saying "hello literally everyone" which has around 116k replies, 764k retweets, and 3,1M in 17 hours.

It was social media managers all over that got to flex their creativity on the microblogging website, from fast food chains, messaging apps and even sports teams. There was no industry that didn’t see this as an opportunity to join the conversation. Even WhatsApp and Instagram themselves joined in. The responses might seem simple in text, but what they are is an exercise in commercialism that aims for cleverness.

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