Exploring the Success Formula of PT Paragon Technology & Innovation

A long business journey brought Paragon Corp as the largest cosmetic company as well as the market leader for cosmetics in Indonesia. Established since 1985 as a home industry, born with the goal of providing benefits to the wider community. For 37 years, Paragon has been active as a cosmetic company that currently has many well-known brands in Indonesia, namely Wardah, Emina, Make Over, Kahf, Putri, Labore, Biodef, and Tavi. And then Paragon doesn't stop there, Paragon also has more than 12,000 Paragonians throughout Indonesia, 1600 Product SKUs, 41 distributor centers, 20 hectares of factory area, and is the largest cosmetic R&D center in Indonesia.

This achievement is not an easy thing to achieve, Paragon has a very extraordinary and strong principle in running a business since its inception, starting from a compact, solid team, and one vision and mission. Not only that, this company has 5 values ​​in running its business, namely:

1. Divinity (Faith in God)

2. Care

3. Humility (Humanity)

4. Toughness (Grit)

5. Innovation

In addition to carrying out these 5 values, Paragon has a strategy in marketing called the Marketing Mix. Uniquely, Paragon has a different version of the marketing mix from the general marketing mix concept, namely (4+1)P. that is:

· 4P :Product, Price, Placement, Promotion

·1P : God’s Help (Pertolongan Allah)

This method makes them have a good strategy in marketing their products.

Sources : Depokpos.com

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