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ERIGO x SHOPEE NYFW 2022 : Local Street Wear on the World’s Most Famous Commercial Intersection

New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year, is a semi-annual series of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press, and the general public. One of the things that attracted the eyes of the Indonesian people towards NYFW is the presence of a local brand from Bandung, namely Erigo Apparel, at the event. The fact of Erigo at NYFW is inseparable from the role and support of Shopee in collaboration with Erigo. In addition, the help from Kemenparekraf also smoothed the path of this local brand until it reached the fashion scene of the world scene.

Shopee Director, Handhika Jahja, said that "Similar to Mr Sandiaga Uno, Shopee is also very proud to see Indonesian products that are global. Shopee is delighted to be accompanying Erigo's move to the New York Fashion Week stage through the Erigo X Shopee title." Collaborating with Shopee, Erigo's fashion show on the NYFW stage can be seen through Shopee Live. The Erigo X collection will also be launched exclusively on the Shopee platform.

In addition to the above offers, Shopee also held a 9.9 Super ShopeePay Deals campaign that will take place from August 28 to September 12, 2021. The attractive offers at 9.9 Super ShopeePay Deals include 100% Cashback Voucher, Flash Sale voucher Rp1 held up to 7x in a day, and the latest in-app games Gosok ShopeePay to get a gold bonus every day. On the peak day of September 9, users have the opportunity to win a total of Rp2 billion in gold with ShopeePay Rub, Flash Promo 9x a day at certain hours, and ShopeePay Deals Rp1.

"In line with Shopee Ada's commitment to MSMEs, we continue to provide assistance, business capital, logistics support, to export programs that have now succeeded in bringing more than 180 thousand local MSMEs worldwide. Erigo is a pride for Indonesia and proof that local products can compete in the global market," said Handika. Through Erigo X Shopee NYFW 2022, Shopee wants to reaffirm its commitment and spirit in supporting the business development potential of local businesses that are an essential part of the Shopee ecosystem. This collaboration is also an effort by Shopee to strengthen local product work in the country and show the quality of local products that are no less competitive abroad.

This form of cooperation is a form of mutually beneficial joint marketing between Erigo Apparel and Shopee. Erigo Apparel is getting the public's attention, especially the people of Indonesia, because it managed to become one of the fashion brands that can enter new York Fashion Week. Shopee again managed to bring their brand as one of the e-commerce that supports Indonesian MSMEs even to the international arena. Shopee has also done a great marketing campaign along with the launch of Erigo X on the Shopee platform.

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