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Element Bike x Coca-Cola: Collaborate to Produce Folding Bike

Element Bike is an original Indonesian folding bike which is known for its innovation in folding bike since the folding bike became a trend in the last couple of years. Until now, this model from Kendal, Semarang, Central Java continues to be persistently providing merchandise within the type of folding bikes.

In order to produce a folding bike that combines the quality and attractive visual appearance, Element Bike and Coca Cola make a collaboration product named Ecosmo Z8 Coca-Cola Edition. The collaboration was officially launched on December 3, 2021.

An original Indonesia folding bike from Kendal, this time collaborates with Coca Cola which well known as the international beverage brand.

For the marketing insight, Hendra, CEO of PT Roda Maju Bahagia that owns Element Bike, said that “It is better to collaborate than to compete each other because brands need to create a new market so that the (market) scope itself can be wider” as reported by

Ecosmo Z8 Coca-Cola Edition has a simple elegant appearance. The gray color combined with red that represents the character of the Coca-Cola brand. The focus of this collaboration product is bold simplicity, real authenticity, the power of red, familiar yet surprising.

This collaboration product is priced at IDR 3,750,000 or USD 268. This bike can be bought in Element Bike Official Stores, several bicycle dealers, and online marketplace.

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