Citayam Fashion Week, Is It Beneficial or Detrimental ?

In the past few weeks, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram are enlivened by Citayam Fashion Week, a phenomenon happening near the Dukuh Atas area where underprivileged youths hang out and exhibit their street fashion. Netizens are bewildered by these adolescents as they are crowding the streets of SCBD area, which is known to be the mecca of corporate life in Jakarta, and casually hanging out. Noticing this phenomenon, several videos have been uploaded to the social media platform TikTok, acknowledging the increasing density of pedestrians with peculiar fashion around the area. This pushed said pedestrians to upload their own content about their time hanging out there, and thus started the Citayam Fashion Week.

There are two major negative impacts that netizens highlighted from this event. First, it is a huge concern how after they mostly went back home, the streets are covered by litter and wastes left by the people that hung out there. Recently, another concern has been brought up especially as this phenomenon has been getting even more viral, which is regarding the congestion caused specifically in the Sudirman area. This hinders the activity of locals living their day-to-day life and traffic on account of the catwalk. Some locals aren’t afraid of voicing their complaints on TikTok especially on matters relating to traffic, the loitering, and littering of the participants of CFW.

Despite all of its flaws, CFW has also made several positive impacts to locals and participants. To start with the most obvious is the increase in fame and notoriety for the partakers, such as Bonge and Jeje. Local MSMEs have claimed that thanks to Citayam Fashion Week and the huge crowd, they are able to pocket quite a huge sum of profit. Local fashion brands also benefited from this event as they can get even more exposure by endorsing icons that roam the streets of Citayam Fashion Week. Lastly, the biggest positive impact this event may offer is being a platform for teenagers to express themselves through fashion as creative and free as they want.

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