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BlueBird Will Add A Total Electric Taxi Fleet Of 50 Units By 2022

Andre Djokosoetono as a vice director of BlueBird said that PT. BlueBird Tbk will add 50 units of electric taxi fleet. These electric vehicles will be operated in Jakarta and Bali. "By the end of the year we will add another 50 units, 25 operating units in Bali, 25 units in Jakarta," said Andre at the BlueBird office on Wednesday of 13 July 2022.

So far, the number of cars owned by BlueBird has reached more than 24,000 units. The electric car fleet has reached 60 units, taxis have reached 30 units and 30 units have been rented out. Starting with the launch of 25 units of BYD E6 A/T and 4 units of Tesla Model X 75D in 2019 in Jakarta, the company has expanded the implementation of electric fleets in other regions in Indonesia.

Andre said the type of electric vehicle to be imported is the BYD T3 with a capacity of 6 people including the driver. He said, choosing the type of BYD T3 vehicle by considering three things, which are large mileage, carrying capacity and an affordable price. "In terms of price, the most suitable passenger capacity for us is the BYD T3," he said.

Andre further said that the use of electric taxi vehicles helps reduce air pollution in Jakarta. "We are the host of the G20, one of the topics is the environment and this is a question in the world, so with our presence in Jakarta and Bali, electric vehicles help the perception that Indonesia is also ready," he said.


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