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Behind The Success of Avoskin’s Influencer Marketing

According to Allied Market Research, the Indonesia Skin Care Products market was valued at $9,104.48 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $18,828.24 million by 2030. Beauty product trends, especially skincare, have been getting their spotlight since 2017. According to Nielsen and Euromonitor, sales of beauty products in Indonesia grew 11,99% and contributed Rp.19 trillion in 2017. As the awareness for skin health and well-being is on the rise, local beauty products, especially skincare, have slowly but surely secured their name in Indonesia's beauty industry. Innovation, high relevance, quality of product, affordable price, and great marketing strategy are the key to a local skincare product's success. One of the most popular marketing strategies that are utilized by the majority of beauty product companies in Indonesia is influencer marketing.

As a company that sells beauty products, the company must maintain a good image and relation of the company with consumers. This could be done by recruiting and collaborating with influencers and celebrities. Influencers, such as beauty vloggers, selebgram, YouTubers, and celebrities have shown a great amount of impact to increase brand awareness and engagement with potential consumers.

Recent research by Harvard Business School MBA graduate, Alessia Vettese, stated that in the competition for consumer’s attention, influencers are winning with pretty packages of photos and videos, as consumers increasingly reject more traditional forms of marketing like TV commercials and magazine ads. With the growth of beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia, the number of local beauty influencers is also increasing. This phenomenon was seen as a great opportunity for local brands to promote their brands through these influencers. Beauty companies will collaborate with influencers that have the same view and interests as them. One of the beauty companies in Indonesia that apply this strategy is Avoskin.

Avoskin collaborates with local influencers to promote its brand. A few influencers who have collaborated with Avoskin in the past years are Marrisa Nasution, Abel Cantika, Tasya Farasya, Vinna Gracia, Suhay Salim, and many more. According to research by Vettese, it is stated that consumers listen more to beauty influencers. Consumers tend to believe more in influencers' reviews, stating that it is more critical and trustworthy. Not only that, customers consider influencers as their friends. Maybe that’s because influencers don’t post only about makeup; they often provide glimpses into their personal lives through photos of the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the places they travel, and even their spouses, kids, and friends.

Not only local influencers, but some brands also have brand ambassadors who are globally well-known to help them promote the brand to the global beauty industry. An example of this also could be seen in Avoskin. Intending to enter the global beauty industry, avoskin created a campaign called “FromLocaltoGlobal”. In this campaign, avoskin created another derivative campaign called “FirstStepWithPHS”, collaborating with Park Hyung Sik, a famous actor from South Korea to be their brand ambassador. It is hoped that Park Hyung Sik could be a representative of the brand to attract more global consumers.

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