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BARDI Smart Home x Alter Ego e-Sport: Ready to advance the e-sport Industry in Indonesia

BARDI Smart Home is an original Indonesian smart home brand that provides a variety of superior smart home products. Products from BARDI Smart Home have reached almost 100 SKUs, including smart bulbs, smart wakeup lights, pet feeders, and water fountains.

The smart home sector continues to grow with more and more specialized devices and applications. In addition to helping household performance, the use of smart home devices can also improve the experience when playing games.

With trends and fashions emerging from video games such as Mobile Legend, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, smart home technology is increasingly supporting gamers.

Seeing this opportunity, smart home device provider BARDI Smart Home officially collaborated with one of the professional e-sports teams, Alter Ego. Alter Ego e-Sports is a professional e-sports team that was founded in 2018, and is claimed to have a myriad of achievements in various categories of mobile games and PCs, both nationally and internationally.

In the context of this collaboration with Alter Ego e-Sports, BARDI Smart Home has committed to advancing the e-sports industry in Indonesia. BARDI Smart Home is fully committed to strengthening the position of BARDI Smart Home for e-sports fans by providing quality smart home products at affordable prices.

Through this collaboration, BARDI Smart Home as the sponsor of Alter Ego e-Sports held a special event in the form of a gamer version of the pimp my room called BARDI Alter My Room, where the participants will have a match against the Alter Ego team.

Chief partnership and Strategic officer of Bardi Smart Home, Yudi Tukiaty in his official statement said that through this collaboration, BARDI Smart Home and Alter Ego e-Sports felt they could increase the hype and perception for smart home brands and products among gamers. e-sports.

The CEO of BARDI Smart Home, Michael Saputra, said the same thing. "We hope to strengthen BARDI's position for e-sports fans and advance the e-sports industry in Indonesia".

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