Prolusion is The 15th IMOTION FEB UI's inaugural Introductory Talkshow, which will be held online via Zoom & Youtube for public. Prolusion is tailored mainly towards Millennials and Generation Z, who are keen to learn more about entrepreneurship & grow the new-born business, as you will learn from the best, the experts.

With the theme "What Is The Right Marketing Strategy For My New-Born Business?", this event aims to provide insight into how to begin a business during a pandemic and how to keep it going in uncertain economic times.


Marketing talk

Marketing Talk is an event that is open to the public where individuals who are interested in marketing topics, especially topics that correspond with the grand theme of the 15th IMOTION, are given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge which will be delivered by experts in the marketing field.


Marketing training

Marketing Training is an event where we deliver marketing topics from marketing experts to our finalists, with the goal of enhancing their understanding of marketing and assisting them in preparing for the competition day.


Awarding Day

The awarding day is the closing of the 15th IMOTION where there will be performances from the committee and willing participants, followed by the announcement of the winners from each competition.